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The Law Office of Lisa M. Dawson, P.A. is committed to providing quality legal representation with integrity and the highest of ethics. We understand the challenges of litigation, not only from a legal perspective but how court room events can have profound psychological and emotional consequences for both plaintiffs and defendants. Lawsuits are generally about loss, even if there is a favorable outcome. We know that the court process can be disruptive for the family unit. The stress of litigation can manifest in symptoms such as sleeplessness, anxiety, loneliness and helplessness. Here at The Law Office of Lisa M. Dawson, P.A. we strive to be emotionally supportive to our clients by working collaboratively, to ensure that they maintain a sense of control and understand their options.

Our Goal is to Restore Equilibrium in your Life

At our Flagler Beach, Florida office, we provide legal advice and counsel for the practice areas of divorce, paternity, custody, modifications, adoption, dependencies, alimony, child support, criminal defense, domestic violence and probate. As a prior child welfare attorney for the Department of Children and Families in Volusia and Flagler County, Florida, Attorney Lisa M. Dawson has extensive experience in all child welfare and family matters. She has successfully represented many clients that have achieved a bright future, through her efforts. From the initial consultation until your legal issues are resolved, The Law Office of Lisa M. Dawson, P.A., will alleviate litigation stress by planning strategies and setting realistic goals, based on client centered communication. We understand that each case is unique, and we will strongly advocate on your behalf. Alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration, is an option that can assist litigants in resolving their cases, without the costly and lengthy process of a trial. Many times, potential litigants will voluntarily attend alternative dispute resolution, or it can be court ordered before a trial. For example, a divorce can be resolved through alternative dispute resolution proceedings for property division, child custody, child support, alimony and parenting plans. A child abuse or neglect case can be assisted through medication, to facilitate the resolution of issues and the reunification of a family. Alternative dispute resolution is useful in most legal practice areas, however if it does not prove to be successful, the case is referred to the court system to have a decision made in a formalized proceeding. The Law Office of Lisa M. Dawson will represent you in arbitration, mediation or a trial case, with knowledge and perseverance for the best possible outcome.

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The Law Office of Lisa M. Dawson, P.A. is available to you during and after business hours. Call us when you need us! We are located at 712 S. Ocean shore Boulevard, Flagler Beach, Florida 32136. Our phone number is 386-283-2905. If it is inconvenient for our clients to get to our office, we can plan to meet with you in another location to discuss your case. We offer a free initial consultation and our fees are assessed for each case and charged accordingly.