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Domestic violence is a crime that occurs when one person in a familial relationship gains power or control over another, through cycles of abusive behaviors. This violence is perpetrated against spouses, ex-spouses or cohabitated couples. Although generally thought of as physical abuse, it can take other forms, such as emotional, psychological, economic, sexual, stalking or financial abuse. Abuses against women are more prevalent as they are the most reported and tend to be the most aggressive, however a staggering number of men are abused but they are unwilling to report it due to being ashamed or in denial.

It is estimated that in the State of Florida, approximately one in five homicides are the result of domestic violence. Factors that indicate a heightened risk of fatalities through domestic violence are unemployment, substance abuse and mental health disorders. The Florida Attorney General’s Office reports that domestic homicides continue in alarming numbers.

Domestic violence usually begins with verbal threats that escalate to physical force. Many victims are fearful of filing for a domestic violence injunction, due to retaliation from the abuser. The most dangerous time for a victim is when they are taking steps to end a relationship.

A domestic violence charge can result in a felony or a misdemeanor conviction, depending on the damages incurred. It is fairly common for the victim to want to have the charges dropped, for financial reasons, lack of resources, for the sake of the children or not wanting a loved one to be prosecuted. But it is up to the prosecutors to decide if they will dismiss the case, as domestic violence charges are very serious. There is a wide range of penalties incurred for domestic abuse. A misdemeanor offense with conviction can result in a brief jail sentence and participation in a domestic intervention program, community service, fines, probation or counseling. A felony conviction, with serious bodily injury or death of the victim, use of a deadly weapon or sexual assault, can result in more serious consequences, such as lengthy incarceration, heavy monetary fines and mandated rehabilitation programs.

There are many instances of false allegations of domestic abuse due to underlying motives of the alleged victim. A common example is a couple going through a divorce, using domestic abuse as leverage for child custody rights or for revenge. When a domestic abuse charge has been filed against a person, there will be a no contact order issued by the court. It is imperative that the alleged abuser not contact the spouse, as that could mean an arrest and additional criminal charges. Keep any evidence that you have in text messages, e-mails or voice messages that indicate your spouse has threatened you with unfounded charges. Consequences of a domestic violence conviction could mean losing custody rights of your children, affect your future employment opportunities and loss or suspension of professional licenses.

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